What’s the Real Power of Your Facebook Fans?

Are you a naysay­er of Face­book mar­ket­ing?  Well lis­ten up.  Geez, even big brands like GM have cho­sen to opt out and crawl back to their safe place, so I won’t blame you if you run.  Those who’ve seen the results of suc­cess­ful Face­book mar­ket­ing know the oppor­tu­ni­ties are out there.  You just have to do it right!

Most deal­er­ships focus ear­ly Face­book mar­ket­ing efforts on accu­mu­lat­ing fans and aren’t picky about who those fans are.  There’s a long-term val­ue asso­ci­at­ed with being able to con­tin­u­ous­ly com­mu­ni­cate with and mar­ket to your local cus­tomer. How­ev­er, deal­ers don’t want to add just any ol’ like.  They want likes from their exist­ing cus­tomer base and new cus­tomers in their pri­ma­ry mar­ket area (and their com­peti­tors’ PMA).  Why? You’re not like­ly to sell or ser­vice a car to some­one who’s a few states over.

What steps can you take to get the most out of your Face­book mar­ket­ing?

• Reach fans and their friends. In March 2012, 15.2% of all U.S. dis­play ads across the web were social­ly- enabled, up from 8.2% in Novem­ber 2011. Grow­ing likes is the first step to your suc­cess and Face­book ads are instru­men­tal to your strat­e­gy.

• Rel­e­vance plays a huge roll in engage­ment.  In this next step, deal­ers who engage more reg­u­lar­ly, whether through a com­ment, like, share, or check-in, have a greater like­li­hood of being seen on their Fans’ News Feeds.

• Res­o­nance.  You must ampli­fy your reach.  Your Face­book Fans serve as the con­duit to their friends.  As they inter­act with your page’s con­tent, they have the abil­i­ty to reach dozens of their friends (and those friends’ net­works).  Many times, you’re able to dou­ble the reach of your page posts through Friends of Fans.  This is where Spon­sored Sto­ries comes in handy.  They spot­light a spe­cif­ic post you made and deliv­er Social proof to your audi­ence.

Kathi Kruse is an Auto­mo­tive Social Media Expert, Blog­ger, Author, Speak­er and Founder of Kruse Con­trol, Inc and can be reached via her con­tact page or by dial­ing 714–251-6440.



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