CNW Research on Used Vehicle Sales Trends

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CNW Research

Used Vehi­cle Sales in June

Indus­try sold 4,382,519 used retail vehi­cles in June, down 2.48% vs. a year ago; Fran­chised deal­ers strong w/ trade-ins, post­ed 4.47% gain, sell­ing 1.684,843 units; Inde­pen­dent deal­ers slipped 7.96% with 1,474,409 units vs. year ago, and Pri­vate Par­ty sales came in at 1,223,266, down 1.21%.

12.34M Used-car Shop­pers in June:
2.8 per unit sold and a strong show­ing vis a vis reces­sion depressed 2009–2011.

Near­ly 2.8M Used Vehi­cles were Financed:
63.7% of all pre-owned trans­ac­tions w/ 420K buy­ers get­ting pre-approved loans.

Detroit-brand­ed Prod­ucts made up 63.45% of Used Sales:
Asian name­plates at 29.8%, Euro­pean brands gained a bit of ground to 6.75%.



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