Goodyear Replaces Petro Oil with Soybean Oil

- July 24, 2012

Goodyear is try­ing soy­bean oil as a petro­le­um replace­ment for tires. Could it be a mag­ic bul­let?

The com­pa­ny says the advan­tages include blend­ing bet­ter with sil­i­ca, also used in tire-mak­ing, increas­es tread life, reduces Goodyear’s ener­gy con­sump­tion and oil con­sump­tion by 7 mil­lion gal­lons a year!

You can’t buy bean-oil tires yet, though. Still at the pro­to­type stage. If test­ing at Goodyear’s track in Texas goes well, you could be able to buy soy­bean tires by 2015, the tire­mak­er says.

No hint of whether they’d be more expen­sive than rub­ber tires.



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