One-Year Old Plug-in EV Values Look Stronger than Five Year Olds


- July 10, 2012

Fore­cast­ing resale val­ues for plug-in elec­tric vehi­cles tends to vary. In last month’s NADA guide, trade-in val­ues of 90% of the post-incen­tive $32,780 stick­er price for the Chevy Volt were strong, com­ing in at $29,325. In com­par­i­son, a 2011 Toy­ota Prius and Hon­da Civic Hybrid had pro­ject­ed trade-in val­ues of 88% and 76% respec­tive­ly.

ALG’s Eric Lyman is less opti­mistic about the long-term fore­cast – think­ing Volt and Nis­san Leaf val­ues will be at 32% and 31% in its five-year resid­ual fore­cast, with the Prius C set at 44%. New and improved plug-ins could hurt the val­ue of five-year old mod­els.



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