Three Simple Ideas to Help You Sell More Vehicles

By Shawn Clos

It is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day task and nev­er look past what you have on your “to do” list TODAY.

Tak­ing that approach means that you are most like­ly “reac­tive” rather than “proac­tive”.  It also means that oppor­tu­ni­ty is hang­ing around your deal­er­ship like low hang­ing fruit ripe for the pick­ing. Here are three often over­looked oppor­tu­ni­ties that will net you more sales, more clients and more prof­it:

1. The Eas­i­est Client To Sell Is The One You’ve Already Sold

You have a lit­er­al Gold Mine wait­ing to be har­vest­ed and resold. What if you mined all of your sold clients from 2009 – know­ing that most banks tight­ened up dur­ing that peri­od and leas­ing was almost non-exis­tent.

Trans­fer all clients into an Excel data­base. Then cre­ate a “Buy Back” let­ter explain­ing that you need their trade due to high mar­ket demand and low sup­ply.

2. Mar­ket Your Pre-Owned Inven­to­ry Unique­ly & Effec­tive­ly

There are huge ways to gain mar­ket share with­out spend­ing a dime and net­ting huge gross prof­its. Here are some tips:

  • Park a Dai­ly Spe­cial at the entrance to your ser­vice depart­ment with sig­nage say­ing “Dai­ly Spe­cial” or “Man­agers Spe­cial,” etc.
  • Do a dai­ly “trade walk”. Mark each wind­shield “Fresh Trade Avail­able” with work to be per­formed: tires, brakes, wipers, etc, and the price.
  • Insert a scrolling ban­ner on the inven­to­ry pages of your web­site adver­tis­ing sam­ples from your inven­to­ry.

3. Service/Collision Cen­ter Clients Also Buy Vehi­cles

  • Appraise every vehi­cle that rolls through your ser­vice depart­ment and give them a cash or trade offer for their vehi­cle.
  • Present the appraisal in per­son, let­ting the client know you have clients that are look­ing for vehi­cles like theirs.
  • Do the same in your col­li­sion cen­ter.

Shawn Clos, pres­i­dent Deal­er­Slice, Inc., can be reached at [email protected]. Read the .




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