Back to Basics — Your Keys to Safe Driving

- August 8, 2012

Dri­ve Safe­ly Work Week is Octo­ber 1–5, 2012.  

The cam­paign focus­es on issues impor­tant for build­ing and main­tain­ing a safe-dri­ving foun­da­tion, such as always buck­ling up, being well-rest­ed and clear-head­ed, and elim­i­nat­ing dis­trac­tions. Also includ­ed are tips and activ­i­ties to assist in safe park­ing and back­ing. The mate­ri­als wrap up with ways to avoid rear-end col­li­sions — one of the most com­mon types of crash­es expe­ri­enced by fleet dri­vers, teen dri­vers and the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion.



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