Ford Focus EV Sales Fall Off in July

- August 3, 2012

Ford reports it sold only 38 Focus EVs last month, after sell­ing 89 in June. The Focus EV is only avail­able in 3 states, but will debut in 19 states this fall. Ford has more to say about hybrid vehi­cles sales as well.

Anoth­er automak­er is also hav­ing trou­ble with elec­tric vehi­cle sales.

Ford also said hybrid sales have fall­en. It sold 10,648 hybrids in the first sev­en months of the year, below the pace in 2011 when it sold 27,100.

Nis­san Motor Co. said Wednes­day it sold 395 Leafs in July, down 58 per­cent over July 2011. For the year, Nis­san has sold 3,543, down 26.3 per­cent.



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