Honda Leads July Sales Rise


- August 2, 2012

Japan­ese automak­ers once again post­ed big gains in July, with Hon­da up 45.3 per­cent, Toy­ota up 26.1 per­cent and Nis­san up 16.2 per­cent. Chrysler increased sales by 12.6 per­cent. GM lost mar­ket share. The bright spot for GM was Cadil­lac.

Find out more about over­all indus­try sales for July and Jes­si­ca Caldwell’s [Edmunds] analy­sis.

Over­all indus­try sales totaled 1,153,682 in July, com­pared to 1,059,601 a year ago.

That trans­lat­ed into a sea­son­al­ly adjust­ed annu­al­ized sell­ing rate of just under 14.1 mil­lion units, ver­sus 12.4 mil­lion units in July 2011. And [Jes­si­ca] Cald­well [Edmunds] said that was good news for all car­mak­ers.



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