Kbb Sees Shift in Shopper Preferences

- August 6, 2012

Alec Gutier­rez, senior mar­ket ana­lyst of auto­mo­tive insights, Kel­ley Blue Book, says the gap between new and used-vehi­cle pric­ing in many seg­ments has nar­rowed sig­nif­i­cant­ly.

So which way are car shop­pers going – new or used?

Dur­ing the past sev­er­al months, Kel­ley Blue Book has observed a shift in shop­per activ­i­ty from used to new vehi­cles based on the 14 mil­lion vis­i­tors to KBB.com each month, as well as new- and used-vehi­cle sales.  In terms of Web traf­fic on the company’s car-shop­ping web­site, there has been a 5 per­cent­age point shift in new-car shop­per activ­i­ty since Jan­u­ary.




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