LMC Automotive Rethinks its New Vehicle Forecast

Remar­ket­ing ana­lysts are care­ful­ly fol­low­ing what hap­pens in new car sales and how it will affect the inven­to­ry flow in months ahead. Flat­ten­ing of eco­nom­ic growth expect­ed in the sec­ond half of this year caused LMC Auto­mo­tive to rethink its ear­li­er fore­cast. for rethink­ing sales for this year and 2013.

LMC Auto­mo­tive low­ered its out­look for U.S. auto sales in 2012 and 2013, look­ing for slow­er eco­nom­ic growth in the sec­ond half of this year than pre­vi­ous­ly antic­i­pat­ed. For this year, the esti­mate has been low­ered to 14.3 mil­lion light vehi­cles from its June out­look of 14.5 mil­lion. The com­pa­ny also low­ered its 2013 fore­cast, though it is high­er than 2012 – the fore­cast has been reduced to 15 mil­lion vehi­cles from 15.2 mil­lion. Last year, light vehi­cle sales hit the 12.8 mil­lion mark. This was 12% high­er than the 2012 rate pre­dict­ed by LCC and Polk. For 2012, Polk has main­tained its fore­cast of 14.3 mil­lion new light vehi­cles sold.



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