Loyalty Is the Heartbeat of Your Dealership

By Shawn Clos

A few years ago, I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a deal­er whose deal­er­ship has been around since the 1920’s. He said, what trou­bles me most is “Our cus­tomers just are not as loy­al as they used to be. How can we make them loy­al again?”

But in this case, the prob­lem wasn’t with clients being un-loy­al – it was the deal­er­ship not hav­ing loy­al employ­ees because their turnover was so great, which will always lead to un-loy­al clients. This is a major issue with­in our indus­try and, with­out cor­rec­tive action, will con­tin­ue to be an issue, and loy­al­ty will be none exis­tent all the way around.

Take time to read these ques­tions and answer them hon­est­ly. This is the first step to all around loy­al­ty with­in your deal­er­ship:

  • What are you doing to over­come sales staff turnover?
  • How many sales staff mem­bers have been with you over five years?
  • Do you have a sol­id train­ing process in your store that involves role­play and one-on-one coach­ing?
  • Are you doing exit inter­views with exit­ing staff?
  • What are the train­ing solu­tions for your man­agers? Are they good coach­es?
  • Are you rely­ing on vir­tu­al train­ing as your only train­ing solu­tion?
  • What sort of team build­ing exer­cis­es do you do? Do you have employ­ee appre­ci­a­tion events?
  • Does the sales staff’s pay-plan match their per­for­mance? Do you reward your top con­trib­u­tors?

Not hav­ing loy­al employ­ees or cus­tomer base is a prob­lem that is eas­i­ly solved with the right solu­tions. Shawn Clos, pres­i­dent Deal­er­Slice, Inc., can be reached at [email protected]. Read the full arti­cle here.


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