Manage Your Assets the Way Your Business Runs

Kevin Moore

Vice Preident, OEM Sales, Telogis

What are you offer­ing that is new?

Our new offer­ing is the bring­ing togeth­er of tech­nolo­gies that pre­vi­ous­ly were stand-alone appli­ca­tions. Our seam­less plat­form incor­po­rates fleet man­age­ment, rout­ing and sched­ul­ing opti­miza­tion, nav­i­ga­tion, mobile inte­gra­tion, and it now incor­po­rates a work order man­age­ment tool that we call “Tel­o­gis Pro­gres­sion” that allows you to com­pare the actu­al ver­sus planned per­for­mance of your mobile oper­a­tions to a spe­cif­ic plan over time.

Now you can opti­mize your route, you can take into con­sid­er­a­tion all the attrib­ut­es that are impor­tant in cre­at­ing a route. For exam­ple, routes are depen­dent upon cus­tomer require­ments. Routes are depen­dent on vehi­cle attrib­ut­es, dri­ver skill sets and tools avail­able on the vehi­cle. They are depen­dent upon time-of-day con­straints. We are tak­ing all of that into con­sid­er­a­tion and help­ing cus­tomers make the best choice on how to lever­age those assets to ser­vice their cus­tomers and man­age their busi­ness.

A com­peti­tor may sug­gest reduc­ing assets. What is your approach?

We approach it from a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. Reduc­ing the num­ber of assets is real­ly a bi-prod­uct of opti­mized asset uti­liza­tion. We pro­vide com­pa­nies with the tools that help them under­stand how every action and deci­sion impacts their busi­ness. How do you under­take a job in the most effi­cient and cost effec­tive way? At the end of the day if you have more assets than you have work, then you would do one of two things: increase the work or take away the asset. We let the cus­tomers make that deci­sion them­selves. Tak­ing an asset away may pro­vide a val­ue, but find­ing a more pro­duc­tive use for an under­uti­lized asset is just as impor­tant

Dri­ver behav­ior is a big con­cern these days espe­cial­ly with fuel costs and then safe­ty issues. What do you offer in that realm?

Most every com­pa­ny now is look­ing at how to score a truck ver­sus how to man­age dri­vers. Which are the safest and the most effi­cient? We have cre­at­ed dri­ver score­cards for our cus­tomers that allow them to deter­mine what’s most impor­tant to them. How do they want to mea­sure the dri­ver in order to cre­ate a score­card? For some com­pa­nies dri­ver effi­cien­cy is one mea­sure. For oth­ers, dri­ver fuel econ­o­my is an impor­tant mea­sure.

We are empow­er­ing our cus­tomers to take into con­sid­er­a­tion things that are impor­tant to them to cre­ate mean­ing­ful score­cards. Some com­pa­nies focus on safe­ty; for exam­ple seat­belt usage, the num­ber of pan­ic stops or rapid accel­er­a­tions or harsh break­ing events. We give them the tools to cre­ate their own unique score­card so they can man­age the dri­vers the way they want to.

So how do you dif­fer­en­ti­ate your­self from the com­pe­ti­tion?

Our key dif­fer­ence is that we have a glob­al plat­form that allows com­pa­nies to man­age all of their assets — not just one type, not just rolling stock — all the assets a com­pa­ny has. We give them tools that give com­pa­nies the abil­i­ty to man­age the three things that are impor­tant: the vehi­cle, the dri­ver and the work. Those three things com­bined are what help make a fleet run effi­cient­ly. We give them the tools and the vis­i­bil­i­ty to allow them to do that. That is our core dif­fer­en­tial

As com­pa­nies look at man­ag­ing their fleets, the impor­tant thing that com­pa­nies need to con­sid­er is that there is no cook­ie-cut­ter approach. There is not a one-size-fits-all. You need a plat­form that allows you to man­age those assets the way your busi­ness runs. That is the key thing about our plat­form. As a Soft­ware-as-a-Ser­vice mod­el we are allow­ing cus­tomers to man­age the busi­ness the way they want to man­age it by giv­ing them not only the access to infor­ma­tion but man­age­ment tools, busi­ness intel­li­gence, dash­boards. The cus­tomers can real­ly man­age the busi­ness the way want to man­age it across their busi­ness whether it is rolling stock, non-rolling stock, whether it is heavy trucks, light trucks or even pas­sen­ger vehi­cles. That is the dif­fer­ence for us


Lever­ag­ing an exten­sive back­ground in logis­tics, Kevin brings more than 30 years of indus­try expe­ri­ence to his role lead­ing Tel­o­gis’ OEM glob­al sales efforts. He has spent more than 15 years focus­ing on mobil­i­ty and soft­ware tech­nolo­gies that enable fleet and asset man­age­ment solu­tions. Pri­or to join­ing Tel­o­gis in 2009 he served as Glob­al Direc­tor of Indus­try Solu­tions for Inter­mec Tech­nolo­gies. He also has held lead­er­ship posi­tions with TMW Sys­tems, a lead­ing TMS Soft­ware provider, and served as Direc­to­rof Strate­gic Alliances with EXE Tech­nolo­gies. Kevin’s diverse knowl­edge of sup­ply chain and fleet require­ments lever­ages both the strength of the OEMs and the advanced capa­bil­i­ties of the Tel­o­gis enter­prise plat­form

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s of Sci­ence in Busi­ness from Kennedy West­ern Uni­ver­si­ty.

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