Related Search: A Google Goldmine for SEO Keyword Inspiration

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By Greg Bem

Since we now know the aver­age mod­ern car-shop­per shops at least eight deal­er web­sites, it’s more impor­tant than ever to make sure your web­site shows up ear­ly in their search and doesn’t get lost in the shuf­fle.

If you’re fresh out of ideas, turn to one over­looked gold­mine of opti­miza­tion inspi­ra­tion – relat­ed  search­es, the com­mon, sim­i­lar queries real peo­ple (and thus poten­tial refer­rals) have been enter­ing.

If you’re doing a very broad search in Google (a com­mon key­word phrase of two-three words) you’ll find the relat­ed search­es as links at the bot­tom of the SERP.

Long tail phras­es (more than three words) often require you to man­u­al­ly pull up the tool. You can access it by fil­ter­ing the search results by “Relat­ed search­es” with­in Google’s tax­on­o­my on the left-hand side of the inter­face.

And of course we shouldn’t leave out Bing’s relat­ed search­es sec­tion, show­ing up both for broad key­word phras­es and long-tail below the ads on the right hand-side of the SERP. Bing is actu­al­ly quite bril­liant in seman­ti­cal­ly con­nect­ing the key­word phrase to the organ­ic results, show­ing search­es queries that do and do not include the key­words in your ini­tial search phrase.

One of the most impor­tant qual­i­ties of the relat­ed search is that it helps you to think like a con­sumer. It’s nor­mal now for users to shape their search based on the terms they come across in the search bar and on the SERP.

Using the relat­ed search­es infor­ma­tion as a tool offers lit­tle in terms of quan­ti­ta­tive met­rics, but it does allow for quick insights. When you’re inves­ti­gat­ing your real-time, organ­ic rank­ings, make the effort to look into com­mon sim­i­lar search­es and notice any muta­tions that might be rel­e­vant to your strat­e­gy. Maybe you’ll find an idea you hadn’t thought of before.

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