The Marx Group on Effective Green Marketing in Aftermarket

The Marx Group

Everybody talks about being “green” in their business practices and consumers often say they want to buy “green” products. But the disparity between talk and action is often wide.

One of the greenest segments of the automotive aftermarket is the remanufacturing industry. For remanufacturers, green is an 80-year old message and one that industry trade associations are good at promoting. Through educational flyers, the Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Association (APRA) emphasizes the number of American “green” jobs and the environmental benefits derived from remanufacturing.

The green messages are: 1) Remanufacturing Creates Jobs – Good Jobs! and 2) Remanufacturing is the Solution to Energy and Material Conservation.

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) campaign tells the aftermarket green story. Go to to find out more and to download materials.

Even if your company is not a remanufacturer, “green” is something you should embrace and can offer a huge selling point when telling your story. A look at all your business practices may uncover environmental strengths within your company, such as the use of recycled parts or renewable resources.

Keep in mind that the “green” message can be used to attract socially-conscious young people who are looking for jobs that support the green cause. It can also create goodwill with customers and build awareness of your products.

To help you go green, The Marx Group invites you to download a green marketing worksheet at: .


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