Tips for Avoiding Over-Optimization Penalties

On Your Dealership Website

Google announced a few months ago that they were going to start penal­iz­ing web­sites that were deemed to be over-opti­mized for SEO as an attempt to “lev­el the play­ing field”.  While many auto deal­er web­sites shouldn’t have an issue with this (your site provider should not only be up to date on Google’s lat­est algo­rithm changes, but make sure your site is per­form­ing as well as pos­si­ble), here are some things to avoid so you don’t over-opti­mize your web­site:

♦ Key­word Stuff­ing: Google wants the con­tent on your deal­er­ship to be rel­e­vant, qual­i­ty, and valu­able to users. This means that every oth­er word can’t be one that you are try­ing to opti­mize for.  Use your key­words when they make sense, but don’t write chop­py, dif­fi­cult to read sen­tences just because you are try­ing to get more key­words on the page.

♦ Non-Rel­e­vant Anchor Text: This is the high­light­ed text that web­site vis­i­tors click to vis­it anoth­er page. The anchor text should describe what is on the page that you are link­ing to, for exam­ple, “used Nis­san Alti­mas” should send traf­fic to a page about used Nis­san Alti­mas.  Hav­ing the same anchor text for all links, or anchor text that doesn’t accu­rate­ly reflect the con­tent of the land­ing page for a link is spam­my and is exact­ly what Google is try­ing to penal­ize with this update.

♦ Hav­ing Hid­den Text: Fre­quent­ly, organ­ic search spam­mers cre­ate extreme­ly key­word-heavy text that is hid­den or obscured from web­site vis­i­tors, but vis­i­ble to search engine spi­ders.  Again, Google wants to reward web­sites that give rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion to vis­i­tors, so there isn’t much val­ue (and poten­tial­ly harm) in hid­ing con­tent from vis­i­tors.  Text that is “white on white” or hid­den under a “see more” lay­er may be penal­ized by Google, and could even get a site dropped from Google’s index.

As always, cre­ate your auto deal­er web­site with your cus­tomers in mind, and the chances you’ll be penal­ized by Google are high­ly reduced.  Talk with your deal­er­ship web­site provider to see what SEO tech­niques they are using on your deal­er­ship site and how they’re mak­ing sure you’re on good terms with Google.

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