Tips to Optimize Your Dealership’s Google+ Page

Google Platform

By Ali Amirrezvani

So you’ve cre­at­ed your dealership’s Google+ Brand Page in prepa­ra­tion for the move from Google Places to Google Plus Local…but now what?

Here are some tips for opti­miz­ing your dealership’s Google+ page:

• Keep SEO in Mind: When putting infor­ma­tion into the “About Us” tab, use rel­e­vant key­words. Also use these terms when adding con­tent to your page to help search engines (espe­cial­ly Google) under­stand what your page is about.  Use “Rec­om­mend­ed Links” to send traf­fic to your dealership’s blog and oth­er social media pro­files.

• Have Con­tent Ready: Google rec­om­mends hav­ing 10–20 posts on your Google+ busi­ness page before you real­ly start pro­mot­ing it.  Recent posts is one of the things they use to judge the qual­i­ty of your page, so hav­ing it full of con­tent once peo­ple start vis­it­ing it will help.

• Pro­mote Your Page: Add a Google+ but­ton every­where you pro­mote your oth­er social media accounts. Allow your web­site vis­i­tors to +1 your inven­to­ry and deal­er­ship from your site.

• Incor­po­rate your +1′s into AdWords: Google will pull your +1 count into your AdWords cam­paigns if you link them.  With­in your AdWords account, click the Ad Exten­sions tab. Select “Social Exten­sions” from the “View” menu, and enter the URL to your Google+ page.  Talk to your deal­er web­site provider or PPC ven­dor to get more infor­ma­tion.

Make sure your dealership’s Google+ page is opti­mized and ready for the com­bi­na­tion of Google Places into Google Plus Local.

Ali Amir­rez­vani , CEO at Deal­erOn can be con­tact­ed via the .



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