Top 10 Gas-Saving Technologies Named

PR Newswire - August 29, 2012

Total Car Score has iden­ti­fied the Top 10 Gas-Sav­ing Tech­nolo­gies for 2013, with new mod­els aimed at meet­ing cur­rent and future EPA stan­dards.

Find out what tops the list.

Con­sumers look­ing to con­trol fuel costs should con­sid­er these fea­tures:

  1. Start-Stop Engines – Seen on: BMW 3 Series, Kia Rio, Porsche Cayenne
  2. Vari­able Valve Con­trol – Seen on: Maz­da CX-5, SRT Viper, Volk­swa­gen Golf
  3. Con­tin­u­ous­ly Vari­able Trans­mis­sions (CVT) – Seen on: Infini­ti JX, Nis­san Alti­ma, Sub­aru Out­back
  4. Active Aero­dy­nam­ics – Seen on: Cadil­lac ATS, Dodge Dart, Ford Escape
  5. Light­weight Mate­ri­als – Seen on: Acu­ra RDX, Hyundai San­ta Fe, Scion FR-S

Read the full list of 10 here.



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