Art Spinella on Used Vehicles Sales Trends for August 2012

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Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

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U.S. retail used car sales for August came in at 3,867,892, a 1.5% increase from August 2011. Of that total, fran­chised deal­ers took approx­i­mate­ly 38%, inde­pen­dent deal­ers sold 34%, and pri­vate par­ty (casu­al sales) account­ed for 27%.

Pri­vate Par­ty Saw Strongest Sales Increase Since Year Ago:
Pri­vate par­ty (casu­al sales) up 10.5%, fran­chised up 3.3%, and inde­pen­dents down 6.6%.

A Lot More Used-Car Shop­pers Using Mobile Device for Locat­ing a Vehi­cle:
About 29% of used-car shop­pers did in August, up 11% from a year ago.

About 10.8 Mil­lion Con­sumers Shopped for a Used Vehi­cle in August:
Buy­ers mak­ing selec­tion and pur­chase w/in 4.1 weeks of begin­ning shop­ping process.



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