Gas Prices Make August a Strong Month for Green Vehicle Sales

Ris­ing gas prices spurred a near dou­bling in U.S. green vehi­cles sales for August. For hybrid, elec­tric vehi­cle, and diesel-pow­ered vehi­cles, the num­ber hit 49,450 units, 96% over a year ago and the high­est point since sell­ing 57,000 units in March. Here are a :

Toy­ota took its typ­i­cal lead, sell­ing 28,900 units. Prius sales were up 122% com­pared to a year ago with all its new mod­els on the mar­ket. Non-Prius hybrids like the Cam­ry, High­lander, and Lexus hybrids did well.

• GM sold 2,831 Chevy Volts, a record num­ber, beat­ing 2,289 sales in March. GM sold 3,769 mild-hybrid sedans and hybrid SUV sales reached 231 units in sales – more than dou­ble what was sold a year ago.

Volk­swa­gen had mixed results – very strong sales of 8,776 diesels in the U.S., up 43% from a year ago. This helped off­set declines from Audi, which saw diesel sales fall 31% from a year ago to just 584 vehi­cles.

Ford had a good month – 68% increase in alt-fuel vehi­cle sales in the past year, with the Ford Fusion Hybrid lead­ing the way.




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