Is Your Website Lonely and Forgotten?

By Les Abrams

Web­sites, like deal­er­ships, are worth­less unless peo­ple show up to look around. You need to dri­ve traf­fic to your online show­room with strate­gies like search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) and search engine mar­ket­ing (SEM).

SEM is paid adver­tis­ing in the spon­sored link sec­tion of a results page.

SEO involves cus­tomiz­ing your web­site so search engines find it nat­u­ral­ly. Then your deal­er­ship will sim­ply appear on the results page—matched to the customer’s needs. SEO takes advan­tage of the pow­er of the Inter­net.

In a nut­shell, here’s how search engines like Google work:

  • Google scans the Inter­net for data, pho­tos, and videos. It index­es most of what’s out there. When some­one does a search, Google reviews its files and presents the find­ings.
  • You get your deal­er­ship list­ed near or at the top of the find­ings by hav­ing rel­e­vant and vis­i­ble con­tent that users are search­ing for.
  • You real­ly need an expert in SEO to help you cus­tomize your web­site, but you should be flu­ent in the lan­guage of SEO so you can com­mu­ni­cate with the expert.
  • SEO spe­cial­ists dri­ve peo­ple to your web­site through the sophis­ti­cat­ed inte­gra­tion of key­words, videos, and oth­er online ele­ments.
  • Fan­cy ani­ma­tion may not be a plus. Search engines may not be able to read the ani­ma­tion, thus hurt­ing your abil­i­ty to show up high on the results list­ings.

At the Acad­e­my, we explain SEO and what it can do. It’s an increas­ing­ly impor­tant mar­ket­ing tool, and the most suc­cess­ful deal­ers we see are involved per­son­al­ly.

Instruc­tor Les Abrams teach­es Vari­able Oper­a­tions in Week 4 of 6 in the NADA Acad­e­my pro­gram. He can be reached at [email protected]. Vis­it NADA Acad­e­my  to down­load the sched­ule and appli­ca­tions for all pro­grams.




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