Video a Great Way to Increase SEO for Dealers and their Service Departments

In today’s econ­o­my, where cred­it is scarce and con­sumers are keep­ing their vehi­cles longer, the ser­vice depart­ment can increase their online pres­ence when poten­tial cus­tomers are search­ing for these types of ser­vices by apply­ing SEO (Search Engine Opti­miza­tion) tech­niques to their online dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy, says AJ LeBlanc, cofounder of and Dur­ing a time when 30% of Google search­es are being done on YouTube and videos are play­ing a high­ly vis­i­ble role in Google search­es, videos are becom­ing a very impor­tant mar­ket­ing chan­nel for deal­ers and their ser­vice depart­ments.

Russ Dar­row Auto­mo­tive Group, based in Wis­con­sin, is employ­ing the use of video SEO to gain a more dom­i­nant page one search pres­ence for their 14 stores when local con­sumers are search­ing for auto­mo­tive ser­vices. “Using videos each month tar­get­ing these ser­vice relat­ed key­words gets each store more page one search expo­sure than our web­sites can do alone,” said Colleen Kellen, direc­tor of mar­ket­ing for the com­pa­ny.



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