Best Practices to Close Web Leads


By Maggie Gormley

Email leads from third party sites can be a great resource for generating sales opportunities. Although the sites can ensure you receive quality, verified leads, it’s up to you to bring them in to close the sale.

Here are four tips to help expedite that process after you receive the lead:

Tip #1: Respond within 24 hours

If a consumer is inquiring about a vehicle online, they are expecting instant answers. The faster you reply to their inquiry, the more likely the interaction will evolve into an in-person sales opportunity.

Tip #2: Professional email response. Personalize when possible

As web interactions have evolved, the formality of emails has declined. Slang and short-cut misspellings replace actual words. While you don’t want to come across as unnatural, make sure to maintain a level of professionalism in your email response.

Tip #3: Email and call during different times of the day

When researching online, some people may send emails, but do not have the time for a call. For instance, if they are at work or on a lunch break. Spacing out your follow up methods increases the chances of interacting with the consumer.

Tip #4: Implement a follow up plan

In some cases, a consumer may not be ready to purchase a vehicle immediately. You will want to make sure to note specific vehicles they have expressed interest in to send them follow up information.

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