EPA Awarding $30 Million for Cleaner Older Diesel-Powered Engines

Clean diesel

- October 16, 2012

The US Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency is award­ing $30 mil­lion for clean diesel projects through its Diesel Emis­sion Reduc­tion Pro­gram designed to replace, retro­fit, or repow­er old­er diesel-pow­ered engines. While new­er diesel engine vehi­cles are much clean­er, old­er mod­els pre-dat­ing clean­er stan­dards emit large amounts of air pol­lu­tants that are linked by EPA to var­i­ous health prob­lems includ­ing asth­ma, lung and heart dis­ease, and pre­ma­ture death.



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