Introducing MasterCall from DMEautomotive

A Total Commitment to BDC Excellence

Noth­ing frus­trates cus­tomers more when call­ing a deal­er­ship only to have their call go unan­swered, to be put on a lengthy hold, have their call trans­ferred around the deal­er­ship, or to have their call dropped.

Mas­ter­Call from DMEau­to­mo­tive is a com­plete set of inbound and out­bound cus­tomer con­tact man­age­ment solu­tions. From out­bound CSI, unsold fol­low-up, and first appoint­ment call cam­paigns to com­plete inbound ser­vice appoint­ment set­ting and backstop/overflow sup­port, Mas­ter­Call fea­tures a flex­i­ble, scal­able, and afford­able set of solu­tions that pro­vides deal­ers with as much, or as lit­tle, ser­vice as they need to suc­ceed.

Find the solu­tion that works best for your deal­er­ship:

  1. Mas­ter­Call Solu­tions – On-demand call cam­paigns cus­tomized to meet your spe­cif­ic busi­ness needs
  2. Mas­ter­Call 24-hour Back­stop – Improved appoint­ment-set­ting process so you nev­er miss an appoint­ment or have a dropped call
  3. Mas­ter­Call Inbound Ser­vice Appoint­ment Set­ting – All inbound ser­vice calls han­dled con­sis­tent­ly and effec­tive­ly every time
  4. Mas­ter­Call Plus – The com­plete pack­age for deal­ers who demand the very best for their cus­tomers, and are seri­ous about max­i­miz­ing every oppor­tu­ni­ty.

Con­tact us to learn how DMEau­to­mo­tive takes a sci­en­tif­ic approach to grow­ing busi­ness and retain­ing cus­tomers.



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