Parents Encouraged to Teach During National Teen Driver Safety Week

Teen driver passengers

Los Angeles Times - October 15, 2012

As part of the DepartĀ­ment of Transportationā€™s NationĀ­al Teen DriĀ­ver SafeĀ­ty Week, parĀ­ents are being encourĀ­aged to teach teens healthy driĀ­ving habits and modĀ­el safe-driĀ­ving habits. Among the recĀ­omĀ­mendĀ­ed mesĀ­sages to delivĀ­er tends includes underĀ­standĀ­ing the gradĀ­uĀ­atĀ­ed driĀ­ver licensĀ­ing laws in your state; a parĀ­ent-teen driĀ­ving conĀ­tract setĀ­ting ground rules; barĀ­ring the use of elecĀ­tronĀ­ic devices while driĀ­ving; limĀ­itĀ­ing teen pasĀ­senĀ­gers and night driĀ­ving; buckĀ­ling up and havĀ­ing the alcoĀ­hol talk.



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