Parents Encouraged to Teach During National Teen Driver Safety Week

Teen driver passengers

Los Angeles Times - October 15, 2012

As part of the Depart­ment of Transportation’s Nation­al Teen Dri­ver Safe­ty Week, par­ents are being encour­aged to teach teens healthy dri­ving habits and mod­el safe-dri­ving habits. Among the rec­om­mend­ed mes­sages to deliv­er tends includes under­stand­ing the grad­u­at­ed dri­ver licens­ing laws in your state; a par­ent-teen dri­ving con­tract set­ting ground rules; bar­ring the use of elec­tron­ic devices while dri­ving; lim­it­ing teen pas­sen­gers and night dri­ving; buck­ling up and hav­ing the alco­hol talk.



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