The Consumer Experience


By Ketty Colom

The Inter­net is prac­ti­cal­ly a lim­it­less form of Media. This inter­con­nect­ed Web has brought togeth­er peo­ple across the world in ways that no one could have ever imag­ined some twen­ty years ago. Let’s face it, the Inter­net is here to stay and your dealership’s web­site is becom­ing the go-to for inter­est­ed car buy­ers. Don’t make your cus­tomers won­der whether they’ve vis­it­ed the wrong side of the Web when they come to your web­site.

Here are some tips to build trust and in turn, increase con­ver­sions:

1. Show where you have been fea­tured
All deal­ers love press, dis­play what you love! Whether your deal­er­ship is fea­tured for host­ing a wed­ding or for hav­ing the biggest inven­to­ry of elec­tric vehi­cles in the coun­ty.  Add a “fea­tured” or “as seen in” sec­tion to your web­site to achieve this.

2. Join the BBB
Sign­ing up for the BBB and adding its badge to your site is a great way to instill trust in your busi­ness. The BBB sym­bol also lets vis­i­tors know that your brand is sub­ject to scruti­ny if it oper­ates in a less-than-eth­i­cal man­ner, which cre­ates an added lay­er of trust.

3. Add tes­ti­mo­ni­als

Actions speak loud­er than words right? No! Not for your web­site! A hap­py cus­tomer is! Tes­ti­mo­ni­als enhance the con­sumer expe­ri­ence and build trust for your deal­er­ship, espe­cial­ly if they plan to vis­it your show­room for the first time.

4. Include pho­tos of you and your staff!
To build that per­son­al con­nec­tion to your web­site, add pho­tos of you and the staff! The “About Us” page on your site or the com­pa­ny direc­to­ry is a great place for staff biogra­phies and pic­tures.

5. Add social media icons
When peo­ple see that dozens or even hun­dreds of peo­ple have “liked” your dealership’s fan page they are more like­ly to feel the effect of safe­ty in num­bers and par­tic­i­pate in your brand offer­ing. How­ev­er, make sure to place these icons in an appro­pri­ate place on your site. Plas­ter­ing these icons on every page is not going to increase your social media engage­ment. Add social media icons to your  “Thank you for con­tact­ing us” pages which con­sumers see imme­di­ate­ly after they sub­mit a Web lead.

6. Clear­ly dis­play your con­tact infor­ma­tion
Your online cus­tomers shouldn’t need to play a scav­enger hunt to find your dealership’s con­tact infor­ma­tion and direc­tions. Also, make sure you link your address to a map every chance you get. Web­site heatmaps show con­sumers heav­i­ly click on address­es hop­ing a map to your loca­tion will appear.

7. Have Chat on your web­site!
Your con­sumers want instant com­mu­ni­ca­tion, they don’t want to pick up the phone and be entered into a queue before speak­ing direct­ly with some­one. With a sim­ple code on your web­site you are able to add a live chat fea­ture to quick­ly con­nect with site vis­i­tors. Chat is not the same as a basic lead form on your web­site. Chats can cap­ture a lot of infor­ma­tion about what the con­sumer is look­ing for and the end result can be a rela­tion­ship build­ing con­ver­sa­tion between your deal­er­ship and a poten­tial cus­tomer.

Ket­ty Colom is a social media spe­cial­ist for ActivEn­gage and can be reached at [email protected].



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