Automaker Losses from Hurricane Sandy Mount

Detroit News - November 8, 2012

Automak­ers begin adding up the num­ber of vehi­cles destroyed in the after­math of Hur­ri­cane Sandy with 886 auto deal­ers in New York and 463 in New Jer­sey.

Get the cur­rent esti­mates on num­bers per automak­er lost.

Toy­ota Motor Corp., Chrysler Group LLC, Nis­san Motor Co. and Hon­da Motor Co. plan to scrap about 15,000 vehi­cles dam­aged by Hur­ri­cane Sandy as automak­ers and deal­ers con­tin­ue assess­ing the storm’s impact.

Nis­san alone esti­mates more than 6,000 Nis­san and lux­u­ry Infini­ti brand cars and light trucks are “un-saleable” because of the storm….

Hon­da and Acu­ra deal­ers expect to have to scrap about 3,440 vehi­cles….

Gen­er­al Motors Co., [and] Ford Motor Co. couldn’t pro­vide esti­mates for the num­ber of lost vehi­cles.



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