Dan Galves on Used Vehicle Market Uncertainty in Post-Hurricane Environment


There’s a great deal of uncer­tain­ly around the short-term effect of Hur­ri­cane Sandy on the used vehi­cle mar­ket, says Dan Galves, Edi­tor of Galves Auto Price List. The mar­ket will have to be watched close­ly to not over-react to what could be a tem­po­rary blip.

Octo­ber was dif­fi­cult month and saw what we think will be large per­cent­age of year­ly ero­sion; hard­est hit con­tin­ued to be…

The rest of the mar­ket fell pre­dictably with the excep­tion of some of the scarcer seg­ments like…

Demand for used vehi­cles will invig­o­rate lat­er, but in the short term you can expect dimin­ished demand as deal­ers…

Click here to read more details on what Galves Auto Price List sees com­ing up in the months ahead…



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