Dealers: Personalized Holiday Greetings Increase Customer Loyalty

By OneCommand

Every­one loves to receive hol­i­day cards…right? You put them on your fire­place man­tle or hang them from your office door. Receiv­ing a hol­i­day card makes you feel hap­py, espe­cial­ly because some­one took the time to send it. Are you rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing this same feel­ing to your cus­tomers? Have you thought about how each of your cus­tomers will feel when they receive your dealership’s hol­i­day card?

A recent sur­vey by Hall­mark Busi­ness Expres­sions found that send­ing hol­i­day cards can increase cus­tomer loy­al­ty. One-half of con­sumers said that when busi­ness­es send hol­i­day greet­ing cards they are more like­ly to do busi­ness with that com­pa­ny again. The major­i­ty said that they appre­ci­at­ed the ges­ture and feel like the com­pa­ny real­ly cares about them.

• Send­ing hol­i­day cards is an inex­pen­sive way to con­nect with cus­tomers and prospects. Not only does it show a gen­uine ges­ture, but it is a cost effec­tive way to show your deal­er­ship cares. You could spend oodles of mar­ket­ing dol­lars on your next TV or print ad, but sim­ply send­ing a hol­i­day greet­ing to cus­tomers will cre­ate a per­son­al bond with your deal­er­ship.

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• Chances are your deal­er­ship uti­lizes sev­er­al mass mar­ket­ing meth­ods to entice prospec­tive and cur­rent cus­tomers into your Sales or Ser­vice Depart­ments. The idea of course is to sim­ply stay top-of-mind, so the next time they need an oil change or a new vehi­cle, they will think of you instead of your com­pe­ti­tion. Hol­i­day cards can gen­er­ate the same top-of-mind aware­ness as your oth­er mar­ket­ing efforts, but on a much more per­son­al, last­ing and thought­ful lev­el.

• Last­ly, and prob­a­bly most impor­tant­ly, send­ing hol­i­day cards to cus­tomers and prospects will cre­ate good­will. Dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son, most of us get an extra twin­kle that is gen­er­at­ed from the excite­ment that the sea­son brings.

As a busi­ness own­er you can increase your customer’s twin­kle by spread­ing good cheer with a per­son­al­ized hol­i­day greet­ing card.

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