It Will Take Months for Vehicle Loss from Hurricane to be Known

Hurricane Katrina

When Super­storm Sandy struck the North­east, there were tens, and per­haps hun­dreds, of thou­sands of dev­as­tat­ed auto­mo­biles. Some came float­ing out of flood­ed Man­hat­tan garages. The roofs of oth­ers could bare­ly be seen sub­merged at ship­ping ports. Still more were tossed and rolled in com­mu­ni­ties in the region, wrapped up amid the wreck­age of homes, boats and busi­ness­es.

The cost of replac­ing these vehi­cles could add bil­lions of dol­lars to the total dam­ages from what is like­ly to be one of the most expen­sive storms ever to hit the US. Some expert are already stat­ing that Sandy’s auto­mo­tive tolls could come close to loss­es seen in oth­er recent dis­as­ters, with Hur­ri­cane Kat­ri­na in 2005 being the most cit­ed and com­pared. It’s going to take a while for all of these vehi­cles to be report­ed, per­haps months to com­plete.



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