Phone Leads: 4 Tips to Close a Sale


By Peyton Hoffman

Did you know studies show that 50% of sales for most dealerships start with a phone conversation? While phone leads could be considered an easy close, many dealerships struggle with them – losing opportunities and money. Every phone lead you receive is a valuable opportunity to sell a car.

Here are four tips to help convert a phone lead into a sale:

Tip #1: Answer the phone in a professional manner.
A professional manner includes three elements: a pleasant greeting, stating the name of the dealership, and stating the name of the person answering the phone. Too often prospects are greeted with a simple “hello”.

Tip #2: Get the full name and phone number of the caller.
You never know if the call could be disconnected or if the prospect requires some follow up. Asking for their contact information at the beginning of the call streamlines the sales process.

Tip #3: Offer to show various vehicle models. 
Sometimes when a prospect calls about a specific vehicle, the dealership has already sold it. When this happens, instead of hanging up the phone after relaying that information, offer to show the prospect similar vehicles.

Tip #4: Don’t sell over the phone.
The goal of a phone lead is to have the prospect come in to the dealership.

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