Polk Gives Analysis on Prius Success

Polk Blog - November 2, 2012

While Toy­ota is enjoy­ing a tremen­dous surge in third-quar­ter prof­its, a Polk ana­lyst goes beyond the fig­ures to unrav­el the suc­cess of the Toy­ota Prius in the hybrid mar­ket.

Ana­lyst Tom Lib­by puts the Prius into per­spec­tive.

…because three new deriv­a­tives of the Prius have come to mar­ket in 2012 (the tall ‘V’ ver­sion, the plug-in ver­sion and the small­er ‘C’ ver­sion), com­par­ing this year with last is not com­par­ing apples to apples.

First, Toy­ota is cre­at­ing a new lev­el in the U.S. new vehi­cle indus­try by cre­at­ing a ‘fam­i­ly’ of Prius’s….

The sec­ond item is more sig­nif­i­cant. Two attrib­ut­es of the Prius – its sales suc­cess and its unique design that makes it imme­di­ate­ly iden­ti­fi­able as a hybrid – togeth­er are, in my opin­ion, grad­u­al­ly accli­ma­tiz­ing the U.S. cul­ture to hybrid vehi­cles.

This has major ram­i­fi­ca­tions: the Prius may be the bell­cow in mov­ing the coun­try towards ful­ly accept­ing alter­na­tive-pow­er­train vehi­cles. In this way the suc­cess of the Prius goes far beyond the sales num­bers.



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