Responding to Hurricane Sandy and its Aftermath


The impact of the mas­sive Hur­ri­cane Sandy in the North­east is being uncov­ered a bit more each day. Here are a few land­mark moments so far…

ARI and PHH Arval tem­porar­i­ly closed their offices in Mt. Lau­rel, NJ, and Sparks, Md., respec­tive­ly, due to being in the region hit hard by the hur­ri­cane. Both com­pa­nies were able to keep their oper­a­tions run­ning as nor­mal dur­ing that time.

Gaso­line sta­tions in New Jer­sey have been closed down due to flood­ing. Cars are lined up for hours to refu­el at the min­i­mal num­ber of sta­tions that have remained open. Next door in New York, cars have been lined up for hours to cross bridges in and out of Man­hat­tan.

Half of the Gen­er­al Motors deal­ers in New Jer­sey were closed down recent­ly, though the automak­er was able to hit its high­est Octo­ber sales lev­els since 2007.

Cleanup efforts have been under­way to remove 349,000 gal­lons of diesel fuel that spilled on Oct. 29 into New Jersey’s Arthur Kill water­way as a result of Hur­ri­cane Sandy, accord­ing to media reports.

Northrop Grum­man closed facil­i­ties in Suf­folk, Va., Colum­bia, Md., Pleas­antville, N.J., J Street, N.Y., and Mid­dle­town, R.I. Lock­heed Mar­tin also closed sev­er­al facil­i­ties on Mon­day and Tues­day.

Click here for a state-by-state guide to the impact of Hur­ri­cane Sandy.



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