Utilize Time More Efficiently at the 2013 NADA/ATD Convention & Expo!

By Using the “NADA Plan­ner”

This year there are many new inno­va­tions in place for Con­ven­tion atten­dees — all designed to make life eas­i­er!  The NADA Plan­ner is one of those great inno­va­tions!  Here’s all you have to do to get start­ed:

1.  If you signed up dur­ing NADA 2012, click on myNADA­plan­ner.
2.  If not, grab your log-in from the myNADA­plan­ner email (sep­a­rate from your reg­is­tra­tion con­fir­ma­tion email).
3.  Sign-in, read detailed descrip­tions on each exhibitor, mark your floor­plan map with exhibitor’s booth loca­tion.
4.  Save your infor­ma­tion. Print or down­load to your phone.
5.  At Expo Hall — pull up your per­son­al­ized floor­plan and start con­nect­ing!



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