BMW Wants to Capture U.S. Luxury Sales Lead

- December 3, 2012

BMW U.S. sales rose 45 per­cent in Novem­ber – fur­ther chip­ping away at Daim­ler AG Mer­cedes-Benz in lux­u­ry-auto deliv­er­ies this year.

Find out how close they are to tak­ing the lead.

Sales for BMW increased to 31,213 vehi­cles last month, boost­ed by a 64 per­cent gain for its 5 Series sedan. Mer­cedes today report­ed a 13 per­cent increase from a year ear­li­er to 30,315, helped by sales of the E-Class sedan, which rose 59 per­cent to 8,126. Toy­ota Motor Corp’s Lexus rose 17 per­cent to 22,719.

November’s results nar­rowed Mercedes’s lead to 1,849 vehi­cles, from 2,748 at the end of Octo­ber. The two Ger­man automak­ers entered the final month of 2012 vying to be the top lux­u­ry-auto brand in the U.S. after BMW and Mer­cedes out­sold Lexus last year. Lexus, hurt in 2011 by vehi­cle short­ages fol­low­ing nat­ur­al dis­as­ters in Asia, had been the top-sell­ing lux­u­ry brand in the U.S. for 11 years.


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