Maximizing Your Time: Is your GPS Integrated with your DMS?

Jeff Karg

By Jeff Karg

If you are using GPS or auto­mat­ed col­lec­tion tech­nol­o­gy (ACT) devices, it is like­ly you have already seen the ben­e­fits of using GPS to more eas­i­ly track vehi­cle for repos­ses­sion and recov­ery.

But, after inte­grat­ing these devices into your busi­ness mod­el, you may have found that man­ag­ing them presents its own chal­lenge. Some device pro­vides are not turn­ing a blind eye to this fact, and have tak­en steps to make things eas­i­er. By work­ing with Deal­er Man­age­ment Sys­tem (DMS) providers to inte­grate their soft­ware, some providers allow basic func­tion­al­i­ty for devices to be done direct­ly with­in the DMS.

With­out inte­gra­tion, the process for a deal­er looks some­thing like this for a deal­er: Inven­to­ry is pur­chased and vehi­cle infor­ma­tion is entered into the DMS. From an ongo­ing stand­point, the cus­tomer makes their sched­uled pay­ment which the lender records in the DMS – and then would need to log in to the GPS or ACT sys­tem to man­age that same cus­tomer in regard to the device, i.e. pro­gram­ming warn­ing com­mands, per­form­ing locates, etc.

How­ev­er, if a lender choos­es to use a DMS and device tech­nol­o­gy provider who has tak­en the sig­nif­i­cant time and effort to inte­grate their soft­ware tech­nolo­gies, things can be much sim­pler.  Typ­i­cal­ly, with a well-con­struct­ed inte­gra­tion, the device itself can be entered into the DMS on the inven­to­ry lev­el, for a vehi­cle on the lot, or dur­ing the sale process.  When a vehi­cle is sold, the inte­gra­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly pop­u­lates that cus­tomer account in both sys­tems, with­out the need for dou­ble entry.

Through­out the life of the loan, the lender can usu­al­ly use the inte­gra­tion to per­form basic tasks sole­ly from the DMS. For instance, when record­ing a pay­ment in the DMS, the inte­gra­tion can allow com­mands to be gen­er­at­ed and sent to the device with­out anoth­er step. Addi­tion­al­ly, locates can typ­i­cal­ly be per­formed through the inte­gra­tion on devices equipped with GPS.

While device providers are clear that inte­gra­tions can­not pro­vide every fea­ture and func­tion of the device through the DMS, many of the stan­dard day-to-day tasks can be done through a sin­gle sys­tem. From sales peo­ple to oper­a­tions to col­lec­tions, a well-built inte­gra­tion between your device provider and your deal­er man­age­ment sys­tem can save you time, mon­ey, and a lot of has­sle.

So, if you are already using GPS of col­lec­tion tech­nol­o­gy devices, ask your provider about which DMS part­ners they are inte­grat­ed with and be on your way to a more effi­cient oper­a­tion.

Jeff Karg, direc­tor of cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tion for , can be reached at  [email protected].



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