Offers Auto Shops and Consumers OBD Diagnostics and Convenient Apps

A new prod­uct is expect­ed to roll out soon , allow­ing them to con­nect and get infor­ma­tion from a vehicle’s on-board diag­nos­tics com­put­er to assist with diag­nos­ing prob­lems. is a small mod­ule with inte­grat­ed cel­lu­lar radio that plugs into a car, and also comes with a few smart­phone appli­ca­tions. It’s also intend­ed for con­sumers, as it inte­grates both a GPS and cel­lu­lar radio to gath­er loca­tion infor­ma­tion and for con­nec­tiv­i­ty in real-time mode for data such as speed, fuel lev­el, and more.’s devel­op­ers are rais­ing $100,000 in fund­ing for the prod­uct launch. Ear­ly adopters of the prod­uct are encour­aged to invest – one of the incen­tives is access­ing the pro­gram for $89, which is a $60 sav­ings over the expect­ed retail price. Users will also be charged $7.99 per month to cov­er its cel­lu­lar ser­vice. As for smart­phone apps, the devel­op­ers have a few in mind, such as noti­fy­ing par­ents when anoth­er dri­ver, such as a teen exceeds a pre-set speed lim­it; anoth­er app can check your cal­en­dar for appoint­ment with­in the next hour and send text mes­sages to meet­ing par­tic­i­pants on your loca­tion and esti­mat­ed arrival time.



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