Shoppers’ Reaction to Recent Toyota Recalls

- December 4, 2012

Accord­ing to a recent Jump­start Auto­mo­tive Group analy­sis, Toy­ota cus­tomers are sur­pris­ing­ly loy­al to the com­pa­ny and the brand.

Find out where cus­tomers stand after two recalls.

Jump­start Auto­mo­tive Group today announced that in gaug­ing the behav­iors of rough­ly 19 mil­lion month­ly unique vis­i­tors across the company’s suite of 14 auto­mo­tive web­sites fol­low­ing two mass Toy­ota recalls in as many months – one involv­ing 7.4 mil­lion vehi­cles due to a faulty pow­er win­dow switch and anoth­er involv­ing 2.8 mil­lion vehi­cles for a steer­ing glitch two weeks ago – the analy­sis revealed that online shop­per inter­est in the automaker’s cars and trucks has been vir­tu­al­ly unaf­fect­ed and that over the past two months, Toy­ota has actu­al­ly seen a slight increase in brand shop­pers over Sep­tem­ber.

Dur­ing the four-week peri­od fol­low­ing news of the 7.4 mil­lion vehi­cle recall (from Octo­ber 10 to Novem­ber 10), shop­per inter­est in Toy­ota cars and trucks across Jump­start’s suite of web­sites remained rel­a­tive­ly strong with only a 0.4 per­cent decline  in share at an aver­age of 9.0 per­cent com­pared to the first ten months of this year

In the two weeks since Novem­ber 14, when it was announced that 2.8 mil­lion vehi­cles were being recalled, Toyota’s shop­per inter­est has held rel­a­tive­ly steady with only a 0.1 per­cent decline over the pri­or two weeks.

“Con­sid­er­ing Toy­ota man­u­fac­tur­ers the num­ber one sell­ing car in the mid­size vehi­cle seg­ment among car shop­pers 11 years and count­ing speaks vol­umes to how fierce­ly loy­al Toy­ota cus­tomers real­ly are,” said Nick Mataraz­zo, CEO of Jump­start Auto­mo­tive Group.



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