Auto Dealers: The World Didn’t End…So What Now?

By Dan Hinds

Like Y2K and Twi­light: Break­ing Dawn before it, the Mayan Apoc­a­lypse has thus far failed to bring about the end of the world. The solar flares didn’t fry us, the mete­or didn’t send us the way of the dinosaurs, and Cthul­hu remains slum­ber­ing his ancient slum­ber in the abyss. This sur­pris­ing sur­vival on the part of the human race has left many peo­ple ask­ing, “What now?”

With our con­tin­ued exis­tence, 2013 is sud­den­ly loom­ing large. Here are a few basic tips to start the new year off in style:

♦ Cre­ate qual­i­ty links. This can­not be said enough. Google is get­ting bet­ter at deter­min­ing what an “organ­ic” link real­ly looks like. The fall­out of this is that they will dis­count many, MANY links in 2013, mean­ing it will take few­er GOOD links to rank. Cre­ate those good links through well-opti­mized, USEFUL pages, and ditch the spam.

♦ Get OTHERS social. At this point, I’m going to assume you’re on social media. Now that you’re on and post­ing reg­u­lar­ly, the next trick is to get oth­ers involved. Search engines are tak­ing into account social cues such as likes, shares and Retweets, so you need to have all those things. If your con­tent is good, you’ll get them organ­i­cal­ly, but every­one needs a boost to start. Ask your employ­ees nice­ly to help with your social media efforts, ask your fam­i­ly and friends. Don’t be annoy­ing and don’t force it, but when you’re first start­ing out and build­ing your audi­ence, you’re going to need some help from some­where. Make 2013 the year you hit that next fol­low­er mile­stone.

♦ Be flex­i­ble. This is going to be the sin­gle most impor­tant thing for 2013. SEO is chang­ing more rapid­ly than ever before and, as a result, cook­ie-cut­ter SEO ser­vices are becom­ing all but worth­less. Going into this brave new world, you need to be able to kill your dar­lings. No mat­ter how long you’ve been using a process, you need to be able to objec­tive­ly eval­u­ate it and cut it out if it’s not deliv­er­ing the results it once did. Use A/B test­ing and keep your­self up to date. Don’t throw good mon­ey (and valu­able time) after bad tra­di­tions.

Dan Hinds is Edi­tor In Chief at Wiki­mo­tive can be reached via the con­tact page.



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