Auto Dealers: 4 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing

By Joe Schwartz

Video Mar­ket­ing is the key to tak­ing your online pres­ence to the next lev­el of both engage­ment and sales.

Imag­ine if you could take your best sales­man and pay him noth­ing to sell for you all day long. Imag­ine if you could get your cus­tomers to refer you every day with­out bug­ging them for refer­rals. Imag­ine if you could get oth­er peo­ple send new cus­tomers to your busi­ness all the time. Video can do all this and it blows me away that more peo­ple aren’t using the mar­ket­ing pow­er of video in their mix of dig­i­tal strate­gies.

Here are 4 Rea­sons you need video mar­ket­ing:

• It engages the audi­ence. Face it we grew up watch­ing TV. Most Amer­i­cans watch TV every sin­gle day of their lives. This is not only a habit, it’s an addic­tion. This is sim­ply the way we like to relax, be enter­tained, and be sold. The proof is TV adver­tis­ing has cost a pre­mi­um com­pared to all forms of adver­tis­ing. With video peo­ple watch and imag­ine them­selves inter­act­ing. This is why TV can make you cry and laugh more than any oth­er media.

• It’s Real. That’s right, it is real. Social media is about being social. It is pret­ty hard to build rap­port with text. You aren’t com­pelled by a pic­ture like you are a per­son. The mul­ti­tude of meth­ods of influ­ence sim­ply aren’t there in text like they are with peo­ple. There are great sales peo­ple who sim­ply com­pel peo­ple to buy or lis­ten. It is great­ly dimin­ished with text and pho­tos alone. Your audi­ence is real and they will engage with media that is real.

• It’s mem­o­rable. If you want to have cus­tomers remem­ber your brand­ing then the more sens­es you get involved, the more neu­ro-con­nec­tions their mind will make for those mem­o­ries. This is why mem­o­ry experts imag­ine pic­tures or walk­ing through a scene to remem­ber lists of items. Video pro­vides mem­o­rable con­text and is eas­i­er to remem­ber than text or pho­tos since you are adding move­ment, and sound.

• It’s the future. The num­bers show video mar­ket­ing is pre­ferred by audi­ences. Com­pare the num­ber of peo­ple lis­ten­ing to radio to watch­ing TV or Youtube. It’s easy, if I sat ten peo­ple down and asked them if they would rather read 2 pages of text or watch a 3 minute video about a prod­uct, what do you think most peo­ple would choose? The num­bers already show that peo­ple pre­fer video but so few busi­ness­es are using it.

Joe Schwartz is CMO of and can be reached via the con­tact page.



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