Get Your Dealership On Track Using Response Logix

Another Digital Air Strike success story

e has helped numer­ous auto deal­er­ships sell more cars, gen­er­ate more prof­its, and grow their Inter­net busi­ness. Take a look at some of these suc­cess sto­ries to see just how pow­er­ful our Response Logix, Social Logix, and Rep­u­ta­tion Logix  solu­tions can be for your auto deal­er­ship.

Take, for instance, locat­ed near Hous­ton, Texas.

The tip­ping point for Scott in choos­ing Respon­seL­ogix® was a need to find an auto deal­er soft­ware solu­tion that cov­ered the three areas that he real­ly thought his sales team lacked.

  • Fast response times – Scott doesn’t think there was any prod­uct out in the mar­ket that gives a detailed quick quote like SmartQuote® so quick­ly and so reli­ably.
  • Nur­tur­ing the cus­tomer – the Smart­Fol­low® lead man­age­ment prod­uct allows Tomball Ford the abil­i­ty to fol­low up with the shop­per once the con­ver­sa­tion had end­ed between his sales­peo­ple and the Inter­net lead, and to deter­mine if the cus­tomer was still in the mar­ket.
  • Sales ana­lyt­ics- the dynam­ic report­ing from Smart­Facts® sales ana­lyt­ics prod­uct lets Scott know if that sales­per­son is sell­ing cars, and if not, why. Is his sales­per­son not mak­ing the phone calls, or not fol­low­ing-up with his cus­tomers? Scott can now find out how many times the sales­per­son tried to con­tact cus­tomers, how long those con­ver­sa­tions last­ed, if they were most­ly voice­mails at 10:00am, or between 5:00pm-8:00 pm when the sales prospect was at home. Smart­Facts gives Scott the oppor­tu­ni­ty to help his sales­peo­ple improve, so that they can sell more cars and make more mon­ey.

Scott sees Respon­seL­ogix as tak­ing away a lot of the busy work that wears down his sales­peo­ple, so they can focus on hav­ing more con­ver­sa­tions that turn leads into buy­ers.

Learn how can help your deal­er­ship increase sales pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and con­vert more sales leads.



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