Good Auto Techs Are Getting Harder to Find


Pro­vid­ing vehi­cle ser­vice is much trick­i­er for deal­er­ships today than even five years ago, as cars become much more tech­ni­cal – and the find­ing the right sup­ply of ser­vice tech­ni­cians with the need­ed skills and train­ing is get­ting a lot tougher these days.

New pow­er­train tech­nolo­gies, hybrids, elec­tric vehi­cles, info­tain­ment sys­tems, and advanced engine design are mak­ing the job much tougher for ser­vice tech­ni­cians. Employ­ees that used to be called mechan­ics are now called tech­ni­cians – and cars are becom­ing so com­plex that mas­ter tech­ni­cians are now being called on to deal with sit­u­a­tions that would have required an engi­neer­ing degree a few years ago.

“I have sev­en mechan­ics work­ing for me, and I need three more qual­i­fied peo­ple right now,” said Eric Spasov, own­er of Don’s Dl Auto Ser­vice in Las Vegas. “Good auto techs are very hard to find. Lots of peo­ple apply, but most do not come close to hav­ing the cor­rect qual­i­fi­ca­tions.” Like many ser­vice shops and depart­ments, Spasov hires only ASE-cer­ti­fied tech­ni­cians who’ve com­plet­ed train­ing in the Nation­al Insti­tute of Auto­mo­tive Ser­vice Excel­lence.



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