How O’Rielly Collision Center Has Won Award Four Years in a Row


This year O’Rielly Col­li­sion Cen­ter has set an ABRN Top Shops record by being the only shop in the coun­try to be named a con­test final­ist four years in a row. They’re not rest­ing on those lau­rels. The Tuc­son, Ariz., -based shop, which is part of the O’Rielly Chevro­let deal­er­ship, already is plot­ting anoth­er return. , churns out good num­bers, con­sis­tent­ly trains its employ­ees and is always look­ing for new ways to tweak or add busi­ness. After 82 years in busi­ness, the busi­ness sticks with what works – which means start­ing each day with a short infor­ma­tive meet­ing where man­ag­er Bri­an Guer­rero and the rest of the shop staff dis­cuss the work and plot out a course of action.

Shar­ing this infor­ma­tion helps build on a busi­ness cul­ture in which esti­ma­tors, techs, painters and oth­er employ­ees take own­er­ship of all the shop’s work, not sim­ply the tasks each is assigned. The team is able to quick­ly han­dle cus­tomer inquiries on vehi­cle sta­tus and pro­vide oth­er ben­e­fits such as the numer­ous inspec­tions each vehi­cle under­goes as it pass­es through O’Rielly’s oper­a­tion where employ­ees exam­ine each other’s work as a vehi­cle is passed to them.



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