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Dri­ving in the win­ter means expe­ri­enc­ing ice, snow, sleet, rain, or a com­bi­na­tion of all.   These weath­er con­di­tions can cause alarm with so few dri­vers on the road with expe­ri­ence in how to safe­ly oper­ate vehi­cles on slip­pery sur­faces or even heavy rain.  To help make it through these win­ter con­di­tions, remem­ber these tips to steer toward the safe side of dri­ving.

  • Adjust Your Speed:  At any tem­per­a­ture, weath­er affects road con­di­tions and can pose a prob­lem.  Decreas­ing your speed will allow you more time to respond when a prob­lem aris­es.
  • Expect Trou­ble:  Stud­ies have shown that 80% of all col­li­sions could have been pre­vent­ed with one or more sec­onds to react.  This sec­ond can be gained by look­ing down the road to help iden­ti­fy prob­lems ahead of time.
  • Have the Nec­es­sary Equip­ment:  An emer­gency sit­u­a­tion can arise at any time and being pre­pared is a neces­si­ty.  In your trunk, at a min­i­mum you should car­ry:
    1.      Jumper Cables
    2.      Bag of Salt or Cat Lit­ter
    3.      Prop­er­ly Inflat­ed Spare Tire
    4.      Work­ing Flash­light and Extra Bat­ter­ies
    5.      Ice Scraper/Small Shov­el
    6.      Small Tool Kit
  • Lights On:  Turn­ing your lights on allows you to see and also allows oth­ers to see you, even in day­time win­ter weath­er con­di­tions.  In snowy con­di­tions, remem­ber to clear sig­nal, tail and head lights reg­u­lar­ly.
  • Pre­pare Your Vehi­cle:  Before you head out, per­form a quick check of your vehi­cle.  Pay extra atten­tion to your coolant lev­el, bat­tery pow­er, wind­shield con­di­tion, tire tread, and infla­tion.

You can reduce your risk by sim­ply prac­tic­ing road safe­ty habits, start­ing with the few list­ed above.  Avoid get­ting caught by sur­prise, plan ahead and always be aware of weath­er alerts and advi­sories in your dri­ving area before head­ing out on the road.

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