Nashville Dealer Shares Experience on Selling Leafs to Highly-Educated Customers


Plug-in elec­tric vehi­cles haven’t been sell­ing in high vol­umes, but the met­al is start­ing to move – about three times as many in 2012 as 2011. Deal­ers play a big part in clos­ing the deal, as most con­sumers are skep­ti­cal about the new tech­nol­o­gy and its prac­ti­cal­i­ty. , it’s know­ing how to answer ques­tions com­ing a from a very edu­cat­ed cus­tomer base.

Leaf cus­tomers walk into the deal­er­ship know­ing they want to buy a Leaf, but need to talk to deal­er staff to ensure it’s right for their typ­i­cal dri­ving range, that they like the feel of the car, and that they can afford it. They want to replace a cur­rent gas guz­zling car and are seri­ous about the Leaf. Nis­san says most peo­ple are relieved to find out how eas­i­ly the range for most dri­vers – about 73 miles from a charge – meets their dai­ly needs, and acknowl­edges the lim­it­ed range still puts some peo­ple off.

Leas­ing is tak­ing away some of the wor­ry, too. Favor­able lease rates are bring­ing the cost down to as much as $139 per month with $2,955 down. The car’s $36,050 pre-incen­tive price isn’t real­ly an issue.




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