Road Safety Laws Need to Strengthen in States, Group Says

Highway patrol

USA Today - January 15, 2013

Near­ly a decade of declin­ing road deaths has cre­at­ed com­pla­cen­cy among state law­mak­ers, whose fail­ure to enact stronger high­way-safe­ty laws leaves motorists at per­il now that traf­fic fatal­i­ties are ris­ing again, accord­ing to Advo­cates for High­way and Auto Safe­ty. In Decem­ber, NHTSA released pre­lim­i­nary data show­ing that road deaths in the first nine months of 2012 rose 7.1% over the same peri­od in 2011 — the largest year-over-year jump for that peri­od since 1975.



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