10 Things Learned about Email Marketing from the MarketingSherpa Handbook


By Nancy Liberman

Ear­li­er this year, Mar­ket­ing­Sh­er­pa released the 2nd Edi­tion of their Email Mar­ket­ing Hand­book, an in-depth research guide to help improve your email mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. As a spon­sor of this hand­book, we have pulled togeth­er what we, at IMN, feel are the top 10 tips we learned below.

1. 73% of com­pa­nies rec­og­nize that email pro­duces, or will prod­uct ROI and as such, are increas­ing their bud­gets.

2. CMOs indi­cate that email mar­ket­ing is most effec­tive at achiev­ing the fol­low­ing busi­ness objec­tives: com­plet­ing post-sales trans­ac­tions (41%), nur­tur­ing prospects (31%), dri­ving web­site traf­fic (27%) and build­ing brand aware­ness (27%).

3. The DMA report­ed that for every dol­lar spent on email mar­ket­ing in 2011, $40.56 was returned; com­pare this with a $22.24 return on search invest­ment, $19.72 on Inter­net dis­play ads and $10.51 on mobile.

4. Mar­ket­ing bud­gets are shift­ing from out­bound to inbound mar­ket­ing mod­els with inbound bud­gets — for web­sites, social media, search, email — increas­ing by more than 40%.

5. 74% of orga­ni­za­tions lever­age email to nur­ture stronger rela­tion­ships.

6. Sev­en out of ten mar­keters don’t have the means to mea­sure ROI.

7. Lever­age social media to attract new sub­scribers to your email list by post­ing a link to your newslet­ter on all of your social out­lets.

8. Scrub your list reg­u­lar­ly to keep sub­scribers engaged — elim­i­nate dupli­cates, remove bad email address­es.

9. Man­age your sender rep­u­ta­tion with your ISP to ensure your mes­sages make it through to the inbox.

10.CAN-SPAM requires that any opt outs or unsub­scribe requests are attend­ed to with­in 10 days. The best prac­tice is to remove the name with­in 24 hours of receipt.

Nan­cy Liber­man, Chief Mar­ket­ing Offi­cer at IMN can be reached at [email protected].



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