GreenRoad Safety Score Improves for 3rd Consecutive Year


Green­Road™ released the 2012 Fleet Dri­ver Per­for­mance Data Bench­mark Report pro­vid­ing in-depth analy­sis of fleet dri­ver per­for­mance as cap­tured by Green­Road tech­nol­o­gy. Based on data rep­re­sent­ing over 70,000 fleet dri­vers world­wide, the report offers a snap­shot into fleet dri­ver per­for­mance with com­par­a­tive data going back to 2010. For the third con­sec­u­tive year, the world­wide aver­age Green­Road Safe­ty Score™ improved from a score of 29 in 2010 to 21 in 2012, a 28% improve­ment.

Accord­ing to Green­Road data, new Green­Road dri­vers show even more sub­stan­tial and imme­di­ate improve­ment. In 2012, new Green­Road dri­vers improved their Safe­ty Scores near­ly 50% with­in six months. Imme­di­ate­ly after the Green­Road in-vehi­cle feed­back ser­vice is turned on, the new Green­Road dri­ver Safe­ty Score aver­age is 17. After six months, the aver­age score improves to 9, a 47% improve­ment.

Green­Road data is based on the Green­Road Safe­ty Score which is auto­mat­i­cal­ly cal­cu­lat­ed through the use of sophis­ti­cat­ed in-vehi­cle and smart­phone-based tech­nol­o­gy that cap­tures and tab­u­lates risky or fuel inef­fi­cient dri­ving events; the low­er the Safe­ty Score, the safer the dri­ver. Dri­ving is mea­sured across five major cat­e­gories: brak­ing, accel­er­a­tion, cor­ner han­dling, lane han­dling and speed­ing.



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