JD Power Introduces Social Media Benchmark Study

- February 14, 2013

J.D. Power’s first cross-brand 2013 Social Media Bench­mark Study mea­sures con­sumer expe­ri­ences in engag­ing with com­pa­nies through social media.

Find out what near­ly 25,000 con­sumers had to say.

The study, which is based on an online sur­vey of 23,274 respon­dents from gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion online pan­els in the Unit­ed States, exam­ines how con­sumers use social media to con­nect with com­pa­nies in six major indus­tries for two dis­tinct pur­pos­es: social mar­ket­ing and social ser­vic­ing inter­ac­tions.

A few inter­est­ing find­ings from this year’s study analy­sis of respon­dents’ eval­u­a­tions are high­light­ed:

• The auto indus­try is dif­fer­ent from the oth­er five indus­tries eval­u­at­ed because con­sumers engage and have social media rela­tion­ships with the automak­er or OEM, the prod­uct, and with the deal­er.

• Near­ly one-fourth (23%) of respon­dents indi­cat­ed that they use an automaker’s Face­book page to get infor­ma­tion about the com­pa­ny.

• In addi­tion, 14% turn to a dealer’s social media pages as a resource.

• The automak­ers includ­ed in our first Social Media Bench­mark Study per­form above aver­age in eval­u­a­tion and mea­sure­ment of both the mar­ket­ing and ser­vice com­po­nents, com­pared to oth­er indus­tries.

• Con­sumer rat­ings and reviews on a brand’s web­site, or on a third-par­ty web­site, are used as an infor­ma­tion resource more than in any oth­er indus­try.

• Near­ly one-half (50%) of respon­dents said infor­ma­tion they receive on their pri­ma­ry site—most often a third-par­ty rat­ing and review site—is a major influ­encer in their ulti­mate pur­chase deci­sion.




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