Smart Selling: Close face-to-face in your Dealership’s Showroom, not on the Internet.


by Autobytel

How to review leads and com­mu­ni­cate with prospects.

32% of con­sumers trav­el more than 20 miles to a deal­er­ship – does your deal­er­ship have a good process in place for before, dur­ing, and after they arrive? When it comes to cus­tomer expe­ri­ence, a good deal­er­ship process is just as impor­tant as a good price.

Accord­ing to recent stud­ies:
• 45% of con­sumers bought a dif­fer­ent make due to a poor process
• Brand deflec­tion is high with­out a great Inter­net Sales Process
• OEM mar­ket share can erode

Most prospects have cham­pagne taste and beer pock­et­books as cus­tomers tend to “car up” while on the inter­net. This in turn caus­es sales­peo­ple to strug­gle on the phone because the lead is not con­sis­tent with the customer’s actu­al needs.

Here are a few tips to com­mu­ni­cate with cus­tomers clear­ly:

1. 84% of prospects want to be com­mu­ni­cat­ed back by e-mail.
• You must earn their trust via e-mail before going to the phone
• Make them want to talk to you

2. Almost 1/3 of prospects buy after 90 days.
• Long term fol­low-up is crit­i­cal
• Use the pow­er of appro­pri­ate inter­net fol­low-up

3. 28% of prospects actu­al­ly buy the vehi­cle they orig­i­nal­ly request­ed.
• 72% pur­chase a vehi­cle with less equip­ment or a dif­fer­ent mod­el
• Focus on get­ting them into the deal­er­ship, not sell­ing them over the phone

Con­sumers most often ask inter­net sales­peo­ple two ques­tions – what’s the price and do you have it? Do you have a process to retain them after answer­ing these two ques­tions? Before we can say we can make a dif­fer­ence we must ana­lyze what con­sumers are doing now. E-mails are designed to get cus­tomers to trust, to like you, and to want you more, while phone calls should be used to get them to sched­ule an appoint­ment and come in. Does your dealership’s process incor­po­rate all of this?

This is an excerpt from . For more infor­ma­tion on mas­ter­ing response time, vis­it Auto­by­tel at NADA booth #1329 in Orlan­do, FL Feb­ru­ary 8–11, 2013; e-mail [email protected], or sign-up for deal­er train­ing by email­ing [email protected].



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